Where does Proven Group of Companies (PGC) stand in the IBS?

PGC currently manufactures and supplies (installer, whenever required) IBS Components under the category:

1. Precast concrete – Proven Prestressed Concrete Half Slab (considered as High End Product of precast concrete) which simplify and expedite the construction of floor slab (is the critical activity in the construction process), very adaptable to all other systems (including conventional) which makes it a very popular IBS component. It is highly demanded for all types of building construction.

2. Formwork – Proven Plastech Formwork (using material of high strength plastic as formwork) is a green building material (unlike metal formwork). It is very light and require less capacity crane for handling. The insitu concrete does not stick to the surface of the formwork which makes the end product of the surface which makes the end product of the concrete wall, very smooth and ensure good quality for the sebsequent finishes work.

3. Metal Framing Systems

4. Pre-fabricated Timber Framing System  (When required by clients)

5. Blockwork – PGC produce Proven Interlocking Engineering Block and Brick. The Proven Interlocking Engineering Block is designed as load bearing wall system. It can easily be installed (like lego system) and transferred into Do It Yourself Concept (DIY). The proven Interlocking Bricks can be utilised as a load bearing wall system, as well as infill. Both products are installer friendly, fast and easily laid vertically, resulting in quality wall finishes.

6. Hybrid/Innovative – PGC had implemented successfully by combining all the above IBS Systems (1+2+5) formultilevel buildings higher than five storeys. We name these combination as Proven IBS Hybrid System.

Proven IBS can achieve a minimum IBS Score of 70% and above. This minimum IBS Score is a must and an important requirements to implement Government Projects. Also, Proven IBS products have minimum wastage as such they are an added advantage if used in the construction of Green and Sustainable Building projects (as needed for Low Carbon Society). Proven factories production for IBS components (two production lines for Engineering Blocks and one full production hall of Pre-Stressed Half Slab) is currently running at 60% capacity of equivalent supplying IBS components for 2,000 units of equivalent affordable houses per year (at maximum 100% capacity is capable of supplying 2,8000 units).